Rehabilitation, Sports Performance & Wellness


“Bali Physio & Sports Injury Center supports and develops sports performance, injury management and good health in Bali by maintaining the highest quality of staff, facilities and services.”


  1. Injury assessment and review - Our sports physicians are fully qualified and experienced and have worked with many sports teams and are able to assess both musculo-skeletal problems and manage disease of physical inactivity.
  2. Sports physiotherapy – Our physios have a well-equipped physio gymnasium for rehab and treatment and have been trained by Sports Physios and other clinicians from LifeCare in Melbourne Australia.
  3. Fitness assessment – Fitness Assessment packages include sub-maximal stress test for higher level performers who exercise strenuously, as well as for those who need testing after some health event like minor cardiac event, post op recovery etc.
  4. Performance Nutrition and Weight management – We assess your nutrition needs for performance recovery for both pre and post events.  We also advice you about supplementation, hydration and nutrition for maximal health and weight management.
  5. Injury management acupuncture – If you have pain or dysfunction from sporting injuries, our Sports acupuncturists can assist recover and reduce pain by applying acupuncture to designated areas.
  6. Group exercise classes – These classes are designed for seniors to help with “mobility and strength” as well as “fall prevention”.  The classes are held under the pavilion in Marinda Park.
  7. Corporate wellness program – To ensure your employees to main good health so they could perform their best at work.  Most of the activities are done at your office.  The program include group exercise classes, fitness assessment and address various health issues at the work place.


  • Bali Physio & Sports Injury Center  is a part of Kasih Ibu Hospital Group.  Most of the above services are available at Kasih Ibu Hospital Denpasar.
  • The mobility and strength classes and the fall prevention classes are held at Marinda Park Teuku Umar.